Term Life Insurance Rates

Term Life Insurance Rates

When you decide to invest in life insurance you need to compare rates for your individual needs from various companies.

Premiums on permanent life insurance policies are guaranteed never to increase beyond the rates outlined in the policy, even though the cost to the insurance company for providing the coverage will not be known for many years. Due to this uncertainty, premiums must be set at a conservative or higher level which ensures the company’s ability to pay the benefits, regardless of the future considerations.

Term Life Insurance Is Different

However for term life insurance, this is not the case as usually the periods of coverage are for a fixed period of years, for example 10 years. If you take such a policy, you would then need to renew it at a higher premium. And you need to remember you may have to undergo a medical exam at that time as the company regards this as a new term life policy.

But the good news is that in Canada, you can buy a “Term 100 year” policy which takes you up to that age at a fixed premium. It’s more expensive than a “Term life 10 year” or a “Term life 20 year” policy but except for older ages, it it still less expensive than whole life insurance.

The Cost Of A Term Life Insurance Or Whole Life Policy Is Determined By Three Basic Factors:

Mortality. The life insurance company initially assumes a certain projected rate of mortality for the lives of those insured. This rate varies with age, product, sex, health and number of years from the issue.

Expenses. The insurance company projects future operating expenses, such as policy acquisition costs, company operating expenses, and other costs of doing business.

Investment Returns. The insurance company initially projects a rate of return on its investments, usually based on current economic conditions.

Smaller term life or whole life insurance policies do not necessarily require the insured to take a medical exam; just supply some medical information.

Some Keys To Getting Low Term Life Insurance Rates

Non smokers pay half the cost of term life insurance than smokers.

Sometimes losing weight can lower your premiums. If you are overweight, find out what weight will lower your premium.

Only about 11% of the public actually qualifies for “preferred” rates – most people pay standard rates.

If a health condition causes you to pay more for insurance – insist on being told the exact reason. Discuss the reply with your doctor to find out if it is accurate.

Remember the only way to find a low life insurance rate, is to find an independent life insurance broker who does the “shopping” to get you the best possible rate for your whole or term life insurance policy.